Our services for sports clubs and associations include: development and execution of effective sales strategies, outsourcing activities, public relations, marketing and communication services, sponsorship sales, brand activation.

One major reason why sports clubs and associations get in touch with SV Sportmarketing is fundraising. When you choose to work with us, you can be sure that we uncover untapped sales potential by carrying out a thorough analysis of your existing brands and finally adapting them to the particular needs and interests of fans, media and sponsors. Apart from that, we analyse your portfolio and make suggestions how to improve your asset allocation. On the insight gained, we develop individual sales strategies and provide auxiliary tools for administrating sponsorship agreements. Our sales solutions are based on our long-term experiences in the sports marketing sector and on our tried and tested sales models that guarantee effective sales.

With our consulting services we do not only aim to help sports clubs and associations with fundraising but also in terms of budget administration.

Sports clubs and associations often have to face a wide range of challenges that can have negative impacts on their finances. These challenges include game cancellations, bad game results, injured key players, reputation crises or other unforeseen events. The consequence: sports clubs and associations are often slowed down in their development and growth. SV Sportmarketing provides sophisticated financial tools and comprehensive consulting services for sports managers to protect their sports organisation from financial crises in the case of negative events.

On the basis of long-term strategies and intelligent solutions that consider the above mentioned risks, potential negative impacts on finances can be mitigated and thus, sports organisations will not be prevented from growing. At SV Sportmarketing, qualified finance experts will show you how to improve your existing financial tools and programs and how to use them properly. We also propose innovative solution concepts that will ensure financial continuity and stability in the event of reputation crisis, injured players or bad game results.