Our sports industry and business experts are keen to share their long-term experience and in-depth knowledge with companies, sports clubs, associations, athletes and local authorities who want to learn the skill-set for successful project management in sports. We have developed a series of trainings and workshops that explore the latest trends and product novelties in the sports world, cutting-edge financial monitoring tools, remarkable case studies and much more.

Marketing and communition executives have the opportunity to either gain deeper insight into the foundations of effective sports marketing or to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the sports industry. Our workshops and trainings have the advantage that certain topics and issues will be discussed from the perspective of neutral and trusted advisors.

Workshops Workshops

At SV Sportmarketing, we have designed a wide range of workshops on the following topics: product management, marketing and communication as well as sponsorship within the sports industry. Our workshops are tailored to the particular needs and timetable of our participants.

Szkolenia dla pracowników Trainings

We teach local government employees all the necessary collaborative skills for a successful coorporation with local sports clubs, associations and NGOs.

Szkolenia dla pracowników Media training