We believe that every sports event no matter what scale has the potential to be an international success with the help of fans, media and sponsors. The secret: you only have to devote the same attention to all events. At SV Sportmarketing, our ambitious team is dedicated to create enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for companies, sports clubs, fans and athletes.

We aim to accomplish our vision by utilising our deep market expertise and passion for sport. We supply a wide range of support in the fields of event management and consulting, ticketing, media rights, sponsorship and branding.

We stay with our clients every step of the way through planning and execution, thus setting the stage for a successful event. Our services include:

Media relations MEDIA RELATIONS

Planning and execution of events from initial conception to completion, sponsorship sales, full event marketing for a broad media coverage at the day of the event, media management, press release drafting.


Negotiation, planning and execution of sponsorship agreements, development and execution of sales strategies, sponsor care, sponsorship media coverage


Brand development for sporting events, checking visibility and recognizability of sports and sponsor branding, concept and design of print materials