We believe that all sports careers can be planned efficiently with the assistance of sports industry and business experts. Integrating a personal life with a sporting career is never an easy task. At SV Sportmarketing, we help our athletes achieve both sport and life goals by balancing and proactively managing the substantial time demands.

SV Sportmarketing provides comprehensive services to young sport talents, professional athletes and those who are planning their post-professional career. We aim to build your brand for the long haul and prepare you for your post-career options from the moment you sign with us. As your personal advisor it is our task to act as your spokesman for press, sponsors and fans. Together we work out your individual career plan. Afterwards, we allow you to focus on your sport while we plan and manage your career.

Our athlete management services include: sponsorship and endorsement development, personal management, reputation management, athlete development, financial coordination and planning.

sport sponsoringSponsorship and endorsement development

Our service package consists of sponsorship acquisition, development and excution of sponsorship concepts, sponsor care, contract negotiation and preparation, advertising sales.

rozwoj osobisty Personal management

It is essential for young professional athletes to start planning and establishing the foundation for a post-sport career as early as possible. We encourage our athletes to develop, recognize and strengthen their professional and personal skills to make a successful transition from sports to the 'normal' labour market. We want to show you the realm of possibilities outside the world of sports.

zarządzanie wizerunkiem Reputation management

An athlete's reputation and ability to communicate is key to his success as a professional. Our service package includes: PR consulting, training for public appearances, teaching communication skills and strategies when communicating with fans, media and sponsors, representation and portrayal in media, athlete brand management.

zrównoważony rozwój sportowyAthlete development

Thanks to our close cooperation with former athletes and important sports scientists, we are able to offer comprehensive advice and tips on fitness, health, nutrition and diet. We assist our proteges in cooperating more closely with their coaching and managerial staff, and come up with tailor-made career and development plans with clearly defined goals. Our services also include advice and assistance on medical care, insurance and rehabilitation.

doradztwo finansowe Financial coordination and planning

Professional athletes can earn a great deal of money throughout their career. Young athletes, however, often find it difficult to administrate their own assets. Our team of financial experts has the necessary understanding of finances to propose solutions that ensure your financial security in the event of sickness.